Understanding Negative Thinking

What are Negative Thoughts?

Negative thoughts are usually associated with negative emotions such as feelings of low self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence. Feelings of sadness, worthlessness, anxiety, anger and frustration.

Sometimes we don’t always recognise that they are actually negative thoughts, as we don’t question them, believing they are neither unreasonable nor unbelievable.

Whilst we all have occasional periods of feeling low and thinking negatively, if this starts to become a long-term way of thinking about ourselves and our surroundings, it can have a serious effect on both our mental and physical health. It could also be a symptom of other mental health conditions such as

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder

Typical negative thoughts can be things like

  • I’m not good enough
  • I’m a bad parent, partner, friend, son or daughter
  • I’m not worthy
  • People are much more successful than me
  • I don’t feel attractive
  • Everything I do is wrong


There is no single cause for negative thinking, some people believe that it comes from shame about the past, which could be caused by trauma or abuse. Anxiety about the present, which could be anything from relationship or family issues, financial problems, work issues or relocation worries. Or fear of the future but you need to remember that no one knows what the future holds, so worrying about it achieves nothing but unnecessary anxiety. Try to focus on the present, and deal with any worries, or seek help if you are unable to resolve these, or issues from your past.

Physical Symptoms

  • Finding it hard to sleep
  • Lacking energy and feeling tired
  • Weight loss or gain
  • Struggling to remember things
  • Headaches
  • Stomach upsets
  • Chest pain
  • Fatigue

Psychological Symptoms

  • Expecting the worst all the time
  • Hating yourself
  • Lacking confidence
  • Feeling alone
  • Feeling irritable or angry
  • Feelings of guilt
  • Feeling sad

Behavioural Changes

  • Feeling you just can’t be bothered about anything even thinks you usually like
  • Finding it difficult to make decisions
  • Avoiding friends and family
  • Putting off doing thinks you need to do
  • Crying

Self Help

The internet is full of information about negative thinking and ways to help yourself. This includes things like mindfulness which teaches you to detach yourself from your negative thoughts and view them as though they weren’t your own, making them easier to solve.

Meditation which can help you relax and focus on positive thinking. Simple things like improving your diet and sleep pattern, taking exercise, listening to music or spending time with pets which will help lift your mood and reduce negative thoughts. Talking to family or friends and telling them how you feel, keeping a diary so you can question if your thoughts are realistic, if you would gain or lose by thinking that way.

Professional Help

If you still find yourself struggling to overcome your negative thinking alone, ask your doctor if he can help or consider therapy if they are unable to offer it. Therapies such as counselling, clinical hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and particularly cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) can help you to retrain your negative thinking.

Written by Jan, Jeana and Wendy at Barnsley Hypnosis and Counselling (UK). For more free information click above link.

Choosing Home Health Care Agency for Your Family’s Good Health

Though nobody wants to become ill and lay down on the bed for entire day, there are times we suddenly suffer from health related concerns. During that point of time, if we do not take the requited steps in time, they can lead to several major problems. Here comes the importance of an expert's advice that can help you stay fit and healthy. There are many Home Health care agencies in Maryland that provide reliable medical services to their customers. The best part about such services is that these are available 24/7, 365 days a year. You can call them at any point of the day or night and they will be ready to diagnose the diseases and consider the best treatment. In order to get the quick relief from pain, you can also choose for any location specific health care services. You can find home health care Bethesda MD, McLean, Columbia and other areas. But ensure that it would be easy for them to reach your home within a few minutes in case of emergencies. You never know when you require health care services as the need can arise anytime. So, it is better to opt for a suitable home care agency.

Generally, health care agencies have several registered nurses to look after the health of individuals. They consider regular check-ups and examine the health of individuals properly. While doing so, they use advanced medical equipment as well. If they find something serious, they also call the specialized doctors so that they can proceed with the treatment part. If you are a resident of Maryland, ensure that you review many home care agencies in Maryland. This will give you a lot of options to choose from. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of their services. This way, you can also enrich you knowledge about the health care services in Maryland and their cost. The health care services may be divided according to their number of services and charge. So, you can check upon how much benefits you can get within your budget. Also, remember to talk several individuals who are already using services of home care agencies. They can explain you the real fact about the particular agency that is not mentioned on their website or any other place. The selection process of most of the health care providers is also very tough.

Agencies cross check the background of caregivers thoroughly to offer genuine services and get the fame or maintain their reputation in the market. They closely look for the experience in home health care, specific qualification, skill testing, license verification, criminal background of caregiver applicants. Thereafter, they hire anyone of them to work with. Consider this aspect as well before hiring any home health care service and review whether they consider such points or not. If they do so, you can expect better services from them. This will not only ensure to protect your health, but your loved ones (family members) too. So, be careful while choosing any home health care agency and stay healthy and fit.

Detox System For Body Cleanse – Master Cleanse Is A Liquid Diet Program

Sometimes we thought about the toxin build up in our body from unhealthy lifestyle and faulty heating habits. Our body is well equipped with natural detoxification organs that help in flushing out the toxins from the body. Overbuild up of toxins cause enough stress on these detoxification organs and that is evidenced from aging of the skin, obesity, lack of energy and dull looks. Occasional detoxification of the body is necessary, to maintain overall body systems in good working condition providing brighter appearance and more energy. Master Cleanse is one of the best detox system for body cleanse that involves few days and simple rules to restore the good feeling and brightness. It neither requires any intake of medications nor any strenuous detox process but produces amazing results.Commonly known as Lemon Cleanse, Master Cleanse is a liquid diet program, introduced as the best detox system for body cleanse by Stanley Burroughs, but recently it came into news by some Hollywood celebrities expressing extreme satisfaction of this program. Maintaining perfect body weight and glamour are most important in the showbiz, and the celebrities acknowledged the effectiveness of Master Cleanse as the best detox system for body cleanse.

Master Cleanse liquid diet program is focused on fasting and taking liquid diet for 3-10 days, as it is universally known that fasting helps in flushing out the toxins from the body. This program guides you to take fresh lemonade prepared from lime juice, cayenne pepper powder and unrefined maple syrup mixed in water. You need to take this liquid diet throughout the day in prescribed amounts. Before diving into this program, you must ensure to follow the steps strictly as mentioned in the program. Half-hearted efforts will not fetch you better results. Strict observance of the guidelines will not only help you in losing extra fat but will instill a feeling of well being.You need to follow the 3 steps of Master Cleanse that includes Ease-In, Lemonade Diet and Ease-out. You start with preparing your body and mind for fasting through Ease-in that lasts for 3 days taking only liquid diet consisting of soups and broths.

The second step is Lemonade Diet that should be followed by other diet mentioned in the program. This second part is most effective in flushing out the toxins through a process called "Daily Detox Bowel Movement". In the last Ease-Out phase you can start taking solid foods in definite portions. You should drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration and elimination of toxins throughout the program.You will find the steps well written and explained in the Master Clean e-book that comes with other free bonus e-books guiding you to a better health and lifestyle.

Get Proper Care at Hospital With Minimal Worry of Cash Availability With Hospital Cash Policy

Hospital Cash is a kind of insurance cover where the insurer pays a sum to the policyholder on a daily basis, on the misfortunate event of his/her hospitalization. In case of a medical emergency, the hard earned savings must not be dug into. Keeping this empathy in mind, this is a policy where the insurer will pay daily cash benefit along with ICU cash benefit when the policyholder needs tending to with a hospitalized care. The payment of this sum includes pre-hospitalization care, as well as expenses occurred during and after the hospitalization takes place. The hospital cash benefit plan offers a 2-year option, where this amount of tenure is also helpful in availing discounts during the adoption of this policy.

The hospital cash policy can be extended and renewed for a whole lifetime after these 2 years. You can either extend it to any amount of tenure you like, or to a lifetime. It is always advisable to extend your cash benefit plan for a lifetime as this is the kind of need that can crop anytime, and especially so during the later years of one's life. A cash policy enables you cash benefit of INR 4000 per day. This payment can be extended up to as long as 45 days. This is extra beneficial for those kinds of policy holders who are not equipped to bear with emergency medical funding and will need to dip in their savings to afford for the same.

The best part about holding this policy is the free look period offered. In case you happen to take the insurance cover, and for some reason cannot continue with it. You do not have to feel stuck. Within 15 days, which is the free look period, you are free to retract your insurance by stating a valid reason. You will be reimbursed with the amount paid so far in no time at all. You can opt for the cash policy as an individual as well as a family. The entry age of the adults starts from 18 years and is up to 65 years. The valid age for children, however is from 2 years to 21 years. With the adults, 100% of the sum assured is paid and with the children 50% of the sum assured in paid in case of a medical emergency. The difference between a daily care and ICU benefit is by double. You will be paid double the amount in case of an ICU hospitalization. Another benefit is the tax saving that accompanies this policy. Once being a holder of this policy, you are entitled to tax deduction under Section 80D.

Guided Imagery A Great Meditation Tool

Life is really difficult these days. We are stressed and losing interest in life. Many of us feel depressed and unworthy, which is leading to so many suicides. Often we hear about untimely deaths and silent heart attacks, which is a real cause of worry. What do we need to do? We need to take help of guided imagery meditation. It is a type of meditation that gives relaxation and harmony. It works with your imagination and stimulates your senses so that you can work in a controlled manner. People who are stressed find it a great solution. This therapy gives them that time which they require badly to clear their heads. In this materialistic world, we have so many things which augment stress like financial status, competition in career, family pressures, relationship issues and so much more. Life is not easy at all. But just thinking about these issues and not fighting hard against them is just not a wise decision. You need to gear your senses so that you can lead a better and a more organized life - A life full of happiness, contentment and harmony.

Do you want to lead such a life? It is not a dream. Guided imagery can help you lead such a life. Simply need proper guidance to channelize your senses. It is a natural way of healing an unhealthy mind. If you think it will take lot of time and energy then you are wrong. You need to be little disciplined, that's it. Firstly, you need to choose a place for meditation. It should be a place close to your heart, where you feel comfortable and relaxed. It could be a cosy corner in your home or in outdoors. Some people love nature so for them going to a park or a lonely place would be just great. It will rejuvenate your senses. Guided imagery meditation therapy is not a task which you have to perform but a daily activity which you should enjoy doing. Don't force it on you; give some time to yourself if you are not getting comfortable with it. It can take some time, so be patient. Just like stress, there are several other problems in the world like childhood obesity. It is quite common these days as kids literally live on junk food. This is a major concern for the parents. Channelize your kid's energy and then see the results.

Why are Generic Medicines cheaper

Generic medicine is defined as a substitute or a bioequivalent of a branded medicine with respect to pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties. Why is it sold cheaper than the brand name medicines? Let's find it out.

The primary reason for cheaper price of generic medicine is that their manufacturing companies dont have much overhead cost. Therefore they can offer these medicines at cheaper price and still maintain their profitability.

Let's look at why generic medicine manufacturers are able to sell their product cheaper than the brand name companies.

1.Brand name companies invest lot of money in research and development of any new medicine. 2.Money is also spent in getting the medicine approved by the government as safe and effective. 3.Once approved by the government, lot of money is spent on marketing the product through all kinds of media (print, television, internet etc).

A generic medicine manufacturer has enough information from the studies done by the brand manufacturing company, so they dont have to spend money on research work. By claiming their drug as a bioequivalent, they dont have to spend money to put their medicine on clinical trials. Also, due to extensive marketing of the innovator brand, they just claim their product to be equivalent to it and benefit from the market value of the brand name medicine.

Since generic medicine manufacturers dont incur much cost in the whole process of manufacturing, they are able to sell it off at much lower cost than brand name medicines.

Now the question arises, if the brand name companies invest so much money in creating these medicines, why dont they protect their rights or why dont they make it patent. How can generic medicines be produced?

Generic medicines can be legally produced in the following conditions

1.If the patent of the brand manufacturer has expired. 2.For drugs which never held patents. 3.If the generic medicine manufacturing company certifies the brand companies patents are invalid or unenforceable or will not be breached. 4.In countries where patents are not enforceable.

Ways to Bring in Extra Money

Life is never predictable. Sometimes things will happen beyond your control such as the temporary loss of a job. The good news is there are ways to bring in extra money to help you stay afloat. 

For the Immediate Future

Initially, after losing income or having a large unexpected bill to pay, you need to have money to maintain your bills at their current status. One way is to refinance your mortgage. If you don’t have enough equity or don’t meet the bank’s criteria, you can opt for a small loan. Online loan places Duncan, OK provide small, affordable installment loans. This will allow you to keep your finances stable for the short term. 

Bringing in Extra Money

Luckily, you will be able to collect state unemployment benefits. However, the amount you receive will be less than half of your regular salary or greater. Finding another source of income is important. Thankfully, there are many online jobs you can do from the comfort of your home. Freelance writing and editing for blogs and companies are in high demand. Tutoring, virtual assistants, and data entry jobs are also easy to find. If you have a talent such as woodworking, you can make items and sell them on various sites. Babysitting, dog walking, and driving for Uber or Lyft are other options. 

Smart Shopping

When you lose a portion of your income you need to offset the loss by spending money wisely. Take a look at your monthly gas, electricity, and water bills to see where you can cut costs. You should also consider reducing your cable to basic service or cutting it out altogether. You can use streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu for short money. Food shopping can run a few hundred dollars or more weekly. Use the fliers provided by your local supermarkets to find the best prices on the items you need. Combine that with coupons available online through reputable sites for free. In the short-term, you should also avoid eating out.

Garage Sale

Sometimes coming up with a few hundred dollars is as easy as cleaning out your garage, basement, and attic. Over the years, most people hang onto furniture, tools, baby clothes, and books that they no longer use. Take a weekend to sort through items to see what’s in good condition and then post signs to let neighbors and passersby of the upcoming yard sale. It’s a great way to bring in extra cash and clean out your home. 

Bundle Services

Bundling services like cable, the internet, and insurance provides an instant way to save 20 percent or more annually. Companies want customer loyalty, and they reward them for putting more than one service they provide together. 

Do the Work Yourself

You may have a landscaper that mows your lawn weekly and pay someone to change your oil every few months. These are services that you can do on your own for far less. 

Life happens and sometimes it can bring about the need for extra money. Luckily, there are many ways to bring in extra revenue. 

Rockville | Spinal Decompression | Chiropractor

Rockville and Gaithersburg Now Has Spinal Decompression Therap Back pain sufferers from all over Maryland can now rejoice as The Spinal Correction & Wellness Center has a machine and protocol to help save and improve degenerated discs. Humans are constantly under pressure from gravitational forces which squash the delicately soft discs which interject our spines. Over time, the discs can rub and chafe against nerves, leading to severe discomfort. Medication only masks the underlying problem. Dr. Steve Wander, the treatment director of the company said, "We now offer our patients a sophisticated machine which gently undoes the forces which are against spinal tissue". He went on to suggest, "Our main objective has been to stop compression of the spine and the machine has blown away our expectations". Spinal Decompression Therapy, as with many chiropractic treatments, always has skeptics ready and waiting to pounce. However, in an independent study, Dr Thomas A. Gionis had 219 patients treated and had a 92% success rate. Brian Griffin, who participated in the experiment said, "My back had been causing me pain for years, I have tried all of the medicines and acupuncture. Nothing has been more helpful than spinal decompression therapy". Many sufferers of back pain notice neck and shoulder pain also. Headaches can be a common occurrence too.

Once the spine has been gently pulled away from the nerves, which have vital communications to and from the brain, the body is able to restore its natural balance again. Their spinal decompression machine uses the Pettibon system, which is a table with straps for the feet and gently tilts to stretch the vertebrae causing pain. This stretching, with pauses in between, helps the spine's mobility and increases the normal function of the facet joints. Discs, which are soft and pulpy matter that connect the bones of the spine together, are restored back to their normal size. It is not only Gaithersburg and Rockville which offer this machine, all over Maryland the clinics are supplying them. Rockville, Bethesda, Silver Spring, Germantown and Potomac are all highly equipped and ready with fully licensed chiropractors and massage therapists. One such therapist, Lisa Holland, from the Rockville clinic said, "It's fantastic to work here and see the development of patients who come through the door". She added, "They come in limping and all stiff, and leave being more supple and invigorated."

Spinal decompression therapy is known to help not only lower back pain, but also sciatica, disc herniations and cervical neck problems. This drug free and natural way of treating adults and children is becoming more accepted by the majority, especially with the previous results. Gravity may be all around us and cannot be stopped, but its effects can be reversed with a little time and some spinal decompression therapy. The Spinal Correction & Wellness Center offers its patients a natural approach to wellness. Another happy patient, Dorothy Brannan 63 from Gaithersburg said, "I feel free again, I have more mobility now than I did 20 years ago".

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Kids Also Have Hemorrhoids

Even though child hemorrhoids aren't a very severe well being situation, they aren't a standard children well being disorder and this situation can generally be both a symptom along with a trigger of more severe well being situation in the child patient. Hemorrhoids, as we're oriented with them, are inflamed blood vessels that appear from and just about the hemorrhoid cushions that aids the anal canal to purpose. When one of the big blood vessels that flows via this region is put under enough tension, the vein lining swells and pulls some of the tissue. Regardless of whether the patient is really a child or an grownup, if the hemorrhoids should occur about the inside of the anal duct, above the lining, then it's called internal hemorrhoid. If, about the other hand, the inflammation of the blood vessel should start from a portion underneath the lining, it's an external hemorrhoid. The actual opening of the anal duct is called the anal verge and also the lining is about two centimeters extended inside the canal from the anal verge. The main reason that this lining is important is because it marks the start of a big and receptive band of nerve endings that aids to regulate the anal region. Because they're nowhere close to this nerve endings, internal hemorrhoids are generally painless, if at all, unless they have prolapsed to the outside. However, because of the place, external hemorrhoids typically, and children are more susceptible to pain than adults. Causes of child hemorrhoidsThere are various probable causes of child hemorrhoids, different from mere constipation to some more severe well being situation such as the Crohn's disease that damages the reduce colon, to prolonged sitting in the toilet bowl straining bowel movements. While you will find few recognized origins that are generally normal, child hemorrhoids are very rare, so when your kid has hemorrhoids, it's very required to seek advice from your pediatrician or even the loved ones doctor for proper diagnosis. While an grownup might be aware that the constipation may be the main trigger of hemorrhoids (if you're not pregnant), children do not generally endure from these difficulties. 1 of the more severe origins of child hemorrhoids is because of portal hypertension that indicates that there is really a retrogression of stress in the portal blood vessel that consists of blood coming from the digestive tract to the liver. A medical situation that damages the liver generally manifests their very first symptoms via portal blood vessels or hypertension. Crohn's disease, a chronic (long-term) swelling of the bowels, can also be a probable trigger of child hemorrhoids. These difficulties should be consulted with a pediatrician, especially in infants who cannot communicate clearly or precisely. A major trigger of hemorrhoids amongst children and infants is constipation, and one of the major caused of constipation is dehydration. Dehydration is life-threatening. While it's basically a dangerous situation, because of the pediatric anatomy, it works speedier on children, who do not possess the types of entire body reservoir that we use to mitigate our situation towards problems such as dehydration, sunstroke and hypothermia.

How To Deal With Cluster Headaches

In the fast-paced life of the 21st century almost everyone suffers from some kind of a headache or the other. There are different types of headaches and there are different causes for all those types. The most irritating kind of headache is probably cluster headache. Cluster headaches are widely different from normal headaches and migraines in their origin and the kind of pain that they give. The problem with cluster headaches of that they don't come suddenly and go away suddenly just like other normal headaches; most people experience cluster headaches at the same time everyday or at least four to five days a week. Cluster headache treatment options are many, but the problem with these treatment options is that they don't take care of the root cause of the problem - most of the cluster headache treatment options available aim to either increase the pain threshold or to bring down the pain altogether. Since the pain associated with cluster headaches is severe, most people resort to over-the-counter medications and seek temporary relief from the problem. Long-term cluster headache treatments are available, but in that case you would have to endure the pain for as long as the treatment is continued. The best way to take care of cluster headaches is to avoid them altogether. This is possible because cluster headaches come back around the same time everyday and you just need to be prepared to face it. The problem can be solved to a huge extent by using water effectively. When you have an attack of cluster headache, you can simply soak a soft cloth in water and dab it on your forehead. This could take care of the problem if the problem is not very severe. If you have acute cluster headache you could simply opt for a hot water bath or a bath in chilled water. The basic idea behind these cluster headache treatment options is to alleviate the pain by boosting the internal energy of the body. Simply by drinking a lot of water before the headache attacks you, you can take care of the problem to a huge extent. Oxygen inhalation is another way to tackle the problem. Since you are already aware of time during which the cluster headaches attack you everyday, you could at least take care of the pain factor by inhaling oxygen during that time of the day. Just make sure that you do not catch a cough and cold because that could worsen the problem.