How To Deal With Cluster Headaches

In the fast-paced life of the 21st century almost everyone suffers from some kind of a headache or the other. There are different types of headaches and there are different causes for all those types. The most irritating kind of headache is probably cluster headache. Cluster headaches are widely different from normal headaches and migraines in their origin and the kind of pain that they give. The problem with cluster headaches of that they don't come suddenly and go away suddenly just like other normal headaches; most people experience cluster headaches at the same time everyday or at least four to five days a week. Cluster headache treatment options are many, but the problem with these treatment options is that they don't take care of the root cause of the problem - most of the cluster headache treatment options available aim to either increase the pain threshold or to bring down the pain altogether. Since the pain associated with cluster headaches is severe, most people resort to over-the-counter medications and seek temporary relief from the problem. Long-term cluster headache treatments are available, but in that case you would have to endure the pain for as long as the treatment is continued. The best way to take care of cluster headaches is to avoid them altogether. This is possible because cluster headaches come back around the same time everyday and you just need to be prepared to face it. The problem can be solved to a huge extent by using water effectively. When you have an attack of cluster headache, you can simply soak a soft cloth in water and dab it on your forehead. This could take care of the problem if the problem is not very severe. If you have acute cluster headache you could simply opt for a hot water bath or a bath in chilled water. The basic idea behind these cluster headache treatment options is to alleviate the pain by boosting the internal energy of the body. Simply by drinking a lot of water before the headache attacks you, you can take care of the problem to a huge extent. Oxygen inhalation is another way to tackle the problem. Since you are already aware of time during which the cluster headaches attack you everyday, you could at least take care of the pain factor by inhaling oxygen during that time of the day. Just make sure that you do not catch a cough and cold because that could worsen the problem.

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