Natural Cures To Treat Headaches

Who suffers from headache knows that it is a disorder not only annoying but also very painful, even to the point of becoming disabling, as told by those who, because of these severe headaches, was forced to close in the dark room and not being able to do anything. But not everyone knows that 'migraine and headache are two different things. The migraine is represented by a throbbing pain that can last all day. It can be joined vomiting, nausea, discomfort to light or noise, dizziness, slurred speech, double vision etc.

The headache can be tensive or Cluster. In the first case there is a sharp pain, dull, the entire head is felt as an intolerable burden, and every movement becomes a source of irritation, dizziness here and mood swings. In the case of cluster headache, the pain is violent, strong axle of a sudden, it hits the eye and forehead, the nose is congested, the eye tears, the eyelids are swollen, the subject is agitated.

What to do to avoid as much as possible or contain these attacks?

1) Low as possible the use of alcohol and spirits. 2) Avoid or limit all that is cold like ice cream, iced drinks, etc. 3) Nervine substances such as tea, coffee, chocolate, Are among those responsible for the headache, because of some substances that stimulate their own neurotransmitters linked to this context. 4) Some drugs, such as those for the 'hypertension, if suspended in a non-progressive headaches can cause severe. 5) Avoid MSG, as it were contained within the main ingredient of soup cubes.6) Be careful not to skip breakfast, often a loss of sugars may be the cause of headache.

As treated in a natural way all these problems?

The homeopathy particularly interesting and suggests solutions and natural remedies are symptomatic. It makes use of jasmine for pain control, also suitable for the typical headaches of premenstrual syndrome. Belladonna is used instead of when you hear the typical "loop" that tightens and spring. The pulsatilla proves ideal for premenstrual syndrome. In any case, before choosing a remedy, consult with a specialist in the field, who will care for you and your real needs. Another natural remedy is the Shiatsu. As you may already know some of it is a micro massage that is based on concentration of manual pressure on a specific part of the body. Through acupressure, performed in the right places, you can reduce or even eliminate the pain. And from physiotherapy remedies that come from? The herbs as we know can help tremendously in these cases. For example, lavender is a natural remedy used against the 'migraine. Devil's claw is rather more suitable for all those headaches tensive muscle, which in addition to head pain also affects the fascia of the neck. The 'St. John's Wort, Lemon balm and lime can raise the pain, taken in proper doses in the form of tincture, but the whole thing again on expert advice.

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